Dharwad Commissioner of public instuction has conducted a day’s Educational conferrence at Dharwad Diet on 27th oct 2014,to improve Quality of education in Dharwad district,on the occassion he spoke about the measures to improve the quality of education which is worstening due to irresponsible behavior  of the teachers of supervisory team.so we need to improve the supervision norms and and the behavior of the supervisors towards the teachers.
On the ocassion D D P I of public instruction Dharwad spoke to improve the morality and values among the teachers and the fecilitators.
Mrs Afroz. M .kathiawari. Fecilitited the audience with the five years project of British Council,trainings impliments  and how to do the follow up work with sufficient online presentation at the projector.
Nalikali project and teaching of mathematics and sciences to 5th std students in an impressive way was discussed by Mrs Aparna Patil.
C.C.E.implements were discussed by Mrs Sujata M Mullur on the ocassion.
Mr Yargambali math anchored and thanked the occassion.
The conferrence was presided by Diet principal Shri Gangayya A and He summed up the whole days efforts.