Welcome to Huda Foundation

We believe in the words of Qur’an- “The Almighty has created each individual with different, “Skills and potentials”. We aim to empower and enhance those potentialities to bloom to the fullest extent, and turn into constructive and creative individuals to serve the parents, organization, community and nation in return.

Present Ventures

  • Free tuition of Maths, Science and English for students of loth std urdu medium. Who are poor, orphan, and very backward in their social status.
  • Spoken English classes to all. i.e. students, youths, housewives and employees.
  • Conducting workshops for all the minority NGO S of Hubli-Dharwad.
  • Conducting Workshops for S.S.L.C. Students creating awareness and building confidence.
  • Introduction of smart classes for PUC II science students and guidance tutions and building confidence to face the exam and score well.
  • Conducting workshop for all gazetted officers of Dharwad Districts to extend their helping hand to wards the needy through their departmental facilities and programs.
  • Conducting workshops to build awareness and concept of islamic banking and commerce.
  • Building health awareness among girl students. Celebrating the birth days of muslim leaders poets freedom fighters along with teachers day and engineers day. Facilitating the servers of muslim community social workers, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers,.


  • To generate life long learners, who can turn into productive constructive, creative,analytical,firm, dynamic confident youths who can stand hard like rocks against all kind of pressures and stresses.
  • To explore into the field of social and educational interventions to create employers rather employees.
  • To build a strong society which is full of “real gentle man and ladies” who have strong moral code of conduct and characters.
  • To build leadership qualities among potential and confident.
  • To create awareness in society about “a good and healthy family” which is the basic unit of a strong society.
  • To prepare youths who can take up competitive exams and turn in to good administrate or in government machinery, business tycoons and IT czars.
  • To excel in the field of agriculture and home industries to provide the basic amenities for poor and down trodden.
  • To build cultural, aesthetic and moral values among the rural urban youths.
  • To build patience,compatibility,health,awareness, among young girls, who are our future mothers.